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Non-Destructive Testing May 2021

How Does X-Ray Solve Issues in Investment Casting?

Investment casting is one of the oldest known forms of producing advanced technological components. Compared to other production methods, investment casting offers unparalleled repeatability, accuracy and integrity, yet it requires an intense inspection to ensure product quality. To ensure the quality of your investment cast parts and prove they’re ready for even the most strenuous use, trust X-Ray solutions from Fujifilm.

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting uses molds to produce complicated and advanced components. The original mold, or the master die, can be made out of steel or rubber, depending on how much flexibility the end product needs. The next step in the process is to create and assemble the wax patterns using materials like wax, plastic or frozen mercury to create a more detailed mold. The finished mold is an investment, which will be used to produce complicated pieces with high accuracy.

While investment casting provides businesses with intricate, high-quality parts that boast impressive surface finishes, this method also has several drawbacks. Since creating an investment involves many complicated steps, there’s a high potential for defects in the molding process. Many factors affect the quality of the investment mold and the casting, making quality challenging to uphold consistently. Therefore, your investment cast products must undergo thorough inspections before they’re ready for use.

Investment Casting Defect Solutions

Ensuring that your investment castings are completely free of defects and ready for usage in even the most strenuous operations protects your company’s reputation. Consider using X-Ray technology to search for investment casting defects. Using digital or conventional radiography lets you produce high-quality images of your parts to check for potential faults.

Traditional film radiography is a cost-effective non-destructive testing (NDT) method that lets you conduct high-quality inspections and produce incredibly detailed images. Fujifilm carries the FNDX Processor Series and IX film to help you bring maximum efficiency to your film developing process. The FNDX Processor Series accommodates multiple temperatures, cycle times, and replenishment rates to meet your unique film processing needs.

For a radiography solution that allows you to take multiple high-quality exposures with the same equipment, choose our computed radiography (CR) and digital detector array (DDA) options. The FUJIFILM Dynamlx FXR and Dynamlx HR2 produce investing casting imaging solutions that provide you with exceptionally high-resolution imagery in even the harshest of environments. Speed up your non-destructive component testing with X-ray solutions from Fujifilm.

Choose Fujifilm Non-Destructive Testing Equipment

Fujifilm has a 60-year history of producing trusted non-destructive testing solutions. Your business can inspect your components quickly and thoroughly when you equip your facility with these tools. Through the application of X-Rays, neutrons, and gamma rays, our equipment can detect even the slightest faults and confirm that the parts you use are safe for use. Look through our line of digital radiography, conventional X-Ray and training solutions or contact us today.